Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Anchor Charts - Another Blogger's Ideas

I'll post again one day soon about making and using anchor charts. Today, I just want to give you a link to another blog with fabulous anchor chart ideas. Nancy, over at Teaching My Friends, is a 5th grade teacher in New Jersey. Go to her amazing blog and look around! She's been blogging for two years now, and has written about 140 posts so far, chock-full of good ideas!

For her posts on anchor charts, click on the "Anchor Chart" label in the right-side column. My favorite is her post about how she manages to organize the beautiful charts that she and her 5th grade "friends" make: Too Many Anchor Charts! Here is a snapshot of the binder she uses to keep her charts organized and to make them available for her students after they are no longer hanging in the classroom:

Best of all, Nancy explains how she puts the binder together and shares her index method!

I wrote to her today to let her know that I was linking to her blog. Hope to hear from her as well. :)

FREE Essential Paper Printables

Maybe your students always bring to class everything they need. Maybe your shelves are so well-stocked that you have everything they need, even if they don't. Or maybe you're a real teacher with real students, and neither of the above is true. If that's your real world, and you use specialized paper, such as graph, penmanship, etc., I have some great sites for you! has lots of handwriting paper, some ruled in colored stripes or with blank tops & ruled bottoms for illustrated writing. This former homeschooler even has ruled & unruled paper with themes, in addition to journal, booklet, and bordered paper, like the one below. allows you to print simple graph paper with your choice of size and colored grid lines. Cool for your school colors - this one is purple in honor of Dibrell Elementary School!
MathBits has blank calculator screens and number lines as well as a wide variety of graph paper.
Print Free Graph Paper lets you choose graph type, paper size, units, etc., before you print.
Printable Paper has so many choices (more than 900!), it makes me a little dizzy. Graph, storyboard, music, lined, dot, penmanship, and games.
There's really something for everyone, and I hope you and your real students enjoy the possibilities!